Proper Paws Dog Training

Course Descriptions - Private

Private appointments are available Monday - Friday between 8am and 3pm.

Pre-Puppy/Pre-Adoption Preparation - A 90 minute session designed for those who are getting ready to or thinking about getting a puppy or bringing a dog home from a rescue/shelter. Get your questions answered before your puppy/rescue dog comes in the door! Cost $125

Puppy Kindergarten - A group of 5 one hour long sessions for your new puppy this course includes help with house training, crate training and basic puppy skills including sit, down, stay and come as well as how to deal with common puppy behavioral issues. It is designed for puppies as young as 8 weeks and as old as 5 months and develops a good foundation for your dog's development. You don't have to wait for classes to start, get your puppy off to the right start right away!

Beginner Obedience - For dogs and puppies over 6 months old who have had little or no training. This 5 session course is customized to address any issues or concerns you may have and is particularly focused on newly rescued or rehomed dogs and puppies.

Graduate Puppy - A 5 session follow up to Puppy Kindergarten designed for those people who have completed Puppy Kindergarten class (it doesn't have to be mine), and would like to ensure the skills their dogs have learned, stick. There will be additional skills to learn as well as polishing sit, down, stay, come and leash walking. Depending on your progress, some of these classes may be held in public areas.

Manners 1- Is also a 5 session package designed for those older puppies and adolescent dogs who have attained fluency with basic skills with minor distractions. This class focuses on developing fluency in public and/or distracting areas. These sessions will all be held outside and in public areas!

Manners 2 - Is an advanced obedience class taking the basic skills to a higher level and adding precision heeling and advanced obedience skills, including distance commands, stays with distractions and with the owner out of sight and Rally and/or Competition Obedience skills.

Therapy Dog Test Prep - This course will help you and your dog prepare for the TDI test, it covers all aspects of the TDI test as well as real world practice. Course length varies on your dog's current skills.

Adolescence - This course is designed for those dogs that may not have gone to Puppy K or had difficulty mastering the basic skills. It will help you and your dog get through the difficult period of adolescence. It is 5 one hour sessions designed to reinforce basic behavior, as well as deal with those difficult behaviors that often accompany adolescence.

Behavior Modification - Customized training for dogs with difficult issues.

Single Session Consultations - If your dog has one or two issues that you'd like to address, sessions can be scheduled on an individual basis.

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