Proper Paws Dog Training

Course Descriptions - Group

Weekly Puppy Playgroup - This is a socialization group for puppies between 8 and 18 weeks, you must reserve a spot using the group class reservation system, as this group is limited to 12 puppies per week. All puppies must be up to date on their vaccines and show proof of Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccination.

Puppy K - For puppies younger than 6 months, this is a basic skills class and will begin the learning process with your puppy. Skills taught include; sit, down, wait, stay, come, beginning leash work, touch and watch.

Graduate Puppy - For those puppies who have mastered the basic skills in a non-distracting environment and are now ready to be challenged with more distrations. This class is a practice class to improve all the basic skills in more and more challenging environments. The course is game based, fast paced and scattered with real time scenario practice. Pre-req: Puppy K

Master Puppy - For those puppies and dogs that have mastered all the basics in a moderately distracting environment, this class is designed to improve all behaviors in the public places you will need them! Field trips to the local parks, the train station and public areas will be used during class time to give you and your dog real world experience. Pre-req: Graduate Puppy

Canine Good Citizen-This is a preparation course for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. The test includes 10 elements of good behavior including, walking on a loose leash, greeting a friendly stranger, coming when called and ignoring other dogs while on leash. Test will be administered during the last class. Pre-req: Graduate Puppy, recommended AFTER Master Puppy

Rally - Is for new and returning Rally enthusiasts. Rally Obedience is a sport designed for the companion dog that emphasizes team work on leash. Pre-req: Puppy K and Graduate Puppy.

Wag it Games - This is a fun class for dogs and people and combines elements of Rally, Agility, Nose Work, trick training and Trieball in a fun, companion dog friendly format. You can learn more about Wag it Games at click here. I am a certified Wag it Games instructor. Pre-Req Puppy K, recommended after Graduate Puppy

Adventure Class- This is a group class for dogs who consistently come when called off leash. (Prerequisite: Master Puppy or Private evaluation with Judy) We work on developing long distance cues as well as improving responses to basic cues in real world off leash situations. This is an outdoor, group adventure with the dogs off leash! This class will meet rain/snow or shine so dress appropriately!

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