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AKC Breeder Toolkit

Your go-to resource for all-things breeder! 

What is AKC Breeder Toolkit?

AKC Breeder Toolkit is a FREE online tool created for AKC breeders that centralizes important AKC registration and recordkeeping functions into one location. AKC Breeder Toolkit is the easiest way to maintain records for dog, litter, and puppy registration data. 

With AKC Breeder Toolkit, you can:  

  • Manage dogs, manage litters, register a litter, and get litter coupons  
  • Receive discounted prepay rates for all the puppies in your litters  
  • Get quick access to complimentary online reports  
  • …and so much more!  


AKC Breeder Toolkit also includes recordkeeping and reporting functions such as Dog Summary report, litter records, entry forms, electronic registration forms (Litter Kits and Prepay), and the ability to easily order duplicate registration certificates.    

Did you know? AKC Breeder Toolkit provides an easy way to comply with the five-year record keeping requirement. If you are tired of completing the paper Litter records, then Breeder Toolkit is for you!  

If you haven’t signed up yet, please watch this video for a step-by-step guide. 


Watch the webinars below to learn more about how AKC Breeder Toolkit can help you! 

If you have any questions about the AKC Breeder Toolkit, please email or call 919-233-9767.