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Title Recognition Program

Public Service Dog Titling Program

Dutch Shepherd police dog laying down next to its handler outdoors.

The AKC is proud to launch a new Public Service Dog Titling Program to honor and recognize police dogs that assist our men and women in law enforcement.  AKC now offers three titles to help identify the accomplishments of these outstanding dogs that excel in three areas – Detection, Patrol Work and Tracking.  All three titles are suffix titles and will become part of the dog’s official registered name.

The following initials for each title will appear after a dog’s given registered name:

Detection Dog – A detection dog is trained to locate and alert to a substance which may be illegal or unauthorized to possess.  Examples include illegal narcotics, explosives, cadaver work, accelerant detection, game detection and contraband detection which is unauthorized to possess within a correctional facility, jail, or prison.  (i.e.- tobacco, suboxone type substances, electronics). Title offered is the Public Service Detection Dog (PSDD). 

Patrol Dog – A patrol dog is trained in criminal apprehension, human scent detection, obedience,  and evidence detection. The title offered is the Public Service Patrol Dog (PSPD).

Tracking Dog –  A tracking dog is trained to detect and follow the scent of a specific person and/or locating evidence on that track and to discriminate from a cross track (separate person). The title offered is the Public Service Tracking Dog (PSTD).


Public Service Dogs utilize the instincts, drive, and temperament that have been bred into them for generations.  They are highly trained, cherished by their units, and have become an important means for serving the public.

US Police Canine Association at Meet the Breeds in 2020.

To learn how to apply for a title please click on the forms below.  When applying for a title, a dog registration will be needed first. There is no charge to register or apply for a title. Once a title is recorded, a title of certificate suitable for framing will be sent to the owner/agency of record.  For any questions, please email us at:  or call 919-816-3687.